A message of hope.

A windswept grassland with mountains in the distance.

When someone goes to any doctor they hope they will find a listening ear of a qualified and knowledgeable professional. They hope for remedies and cures for the reduction of the pain and the security that someone knows their body inside and out and will guide them down the right path.  They hope they will be getting up-to-date and useful information so they can control their own bodies. They hope they will find a caring practitioner who knows how to connect the dots between the series of symptoms they present.

Is chiropractic care useful for everyone?  Yes, especially if it is delivered in a holistic manner.  Everyone needs to be tuned up, the kinks worked out, the muscles balanced, the joint ranges of motion restored, the pain relieved,  the chemistry balanced, the diet modified, and the exercise program revised.  Everyone needs to be heard. Everybody has a family of friends, co-workers and loved ones who also need the same responsible loving care.

As you read through this website you will see snapshots of the way I practice.  I have shown you the first layer of complexity. There are other layers for those who suffer from chronic degenerative problems.  Know that there are solutions for every layer of complexity, and that every ache, pain and disease has its origin somewhere in the way you live and the body you inhabit. Healing is a voyage of finding those root causes and eliminating them.